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CRADLES OF VamshiKalyanBojja

Yes, so let’s start from the beginning, to know exactly how my journey started. After my 12th, I started grasping more and more knowledge about the Indian stock market, realizing the dynamic and fast changing modern world. Gradually, my knowledge developed in the share market before actually practicing in the real/live market which made me inquisitive enough to start trading.

Then it was in my graduation days where I started booking small profits which enhanced my risk-bearing increasing my basics/concepts regarding share market, following this I was fortunate enough to receive an opportunity to work with Deutsche Bank which quickly drove my interest towards Investment Banking and further I was performing well in my post while handling the whole process of trade booking to trade settlement for the whole middle-eastern market. While working here, I was able to gain knowledge of international stock markets. After spending more than two golden years in Deutsche Bank, I got an opportunity to work with HDFC Bank, where I was entrusted with entire portfolio management of High Net worth Individuals (HNIs) which gave me an in depth knowledge and more of practical experience in real/live market with a touch of retail sales and client facing.

While Trading, I shared my practices with my near ones by which even they started investing and booking small regular profits. Seeing them following me and my guidance made me believe in sharing my knowledge and which I always aspired.

This platform aims to share knowledge to the new ones and motivate them to learn and up skill, where you just need to follow me and observe my daily trading practices to book your minimal profits and help me in busting the negative bubble of the Indian Stock Market.



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